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Dalian taxi industry reform through the implementation of the views of hearing yesterday morning, the municipal government held the fifteenth session of the fifty-ninth executive meeting, considered by the "Dalian city on deepening the reform of the taxi industry to promote the healthy development of the implementation of the views of" the "Dalian online booking taxi business service management implementation details" and other issues, mayor Xiao Shengfeng presided over the meeting. Municipal Standing Committee, executive vice mayor Yuan Keli, vice mayor of, Wen Xueqiong,, director of the Changxing Island Economic Zone Administrative Committee, the Secretary General of the municipal government, such as the presence of the meeting, such as the chairman of the board of directors of the Chinese people’s Republic of China, and so on, on the other hand, the Secretary General of the Chinese people’s Republic of China, the mayor of the economic zone of the people’s republic. Xiao Shengfeng pointed out in his speech that the current rapid development of the Internet, the network about taxi ascendant, which is a sign of progress in productivity, but also the result of the integration of the transportation industry and the internet. The introduction of the city to promote the healthy development of the opinions of the taxi industry, accurately grasp the decision-making deployment of the central comprehensive deepening reform, with the guidance of the State Council and the provincial government implementation opinions as the basis, based on the current and long-term, tackling the problem, focusing on actively and steadily promote the reform of the taxi industry, will greatly promote the innovation and development of the city’s rental car the transformation and upgrading of the industry, to better meet people’s travel demand. Xiao Shengfeng pointed out that to follow the market development direction, clear positioning, the implementation of dynamic regulation of the taxi transport scale, and gradually improve the price formation mechanism, promote the healthy and stable development of taxi industry. We should deepen the reform of the management system of the right to operate a taxi, gradually implement the restriction and free use of the right to operate, improve the access and exit mechanism of the right to operate, and standardize the management of the right to operate. To improve the management of the parade taxi, improve the interests of the distribution mechanism, strengthen the education and management of employees, to encourage taxi taxi company, intensive, brand management. To create a good market environment, strengthen the construction of credit system, promote the reform of fuel subsidies, the establishment of an open and transparent regulatory system, according to the law to combat illegal operations. Xiao Shengfeng asked the relevant departments to strengthen ideological education, clear policy guidance, strengthen industry supervision; to effectively grasp the information platform construction, promote the development of the network about taxi and taxi taxi integration. The meeting heard the 202 rail extension project and rail line 3 project PPP project to promote reporting on the requirements of the market plays a decisive role in the allocation of resources, adhere to the principle of fair and equitable public strictly fulfill the legal procedures, to attract more social capital to participate in the city major infrastructure construction; governments at all levels should further emancipate the mind, the the market mechanism to mobilize social capital to participate in the construction and supply of public goods. The meeting also examined and adopted the "Dalian Municipal People’s Government on the abolition of < Dalian statistical registration management approach > decision", the study of other matters. (Liu Xiaohua)相关的主题文章:

Live broadcast of thousands of people concerned about rectify the webcast ” clean up to disise.com

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Live by archaeological people concerned   rectify the webcast will occupy " " cleaning; – media – people.com.cn Webcast: original title: rectify the clean-up, but also the occupation (pictured by clouds ramble) mobile phone broadcast live Old Summer Palace archaeology. Photo by Zhong Xin (news agency) recently, Beijing Old Summer Palace ruins park also came back to the new trend in micro-blog, WeChat, and other new media broadcast software on a live show to the public archaeology, western building sites far view the archaeological site, let more people in the network "close watch and understand the archaeological work. Live in this archaeological, now "barbaric" network broadcast in the market can be regarded as a "clean". No uniform network cop, no xuemaibizhang hormones, not to attract the eye of surprise burst point, just to show real time archaeological site, just 1 hours, a total of 45 thousand people, 110 thousand people of praise. Known as the "China webcast of the first year of the moment, and the hot network Reds live compared this watch number while not outstanding, but also good results, indicating that the" light "content also has a large number of potential audience. The traditional TV broadcast of strict, accurate, smooth, smooth, can not have the slightest error. The webcast is quite arbitrary, a networked computer, a App, you can successfully achieve a live broadcast; the audience can only need a mobile phone can be broadcast live. The content, the webcast is: playing games, cover and contain everything beauty, sports, and even eat and sleep. By virtue of its extremely simple and easy operation, form the content of the Internet, it becomes a new star in the Internet world. Internet broadcast platform fire, engaged in live personnel also showed explosive growth. It also makes the competition become very intense webcast. Because the network is to play through the user appreciation, platform and anchor in proportion to gain profit, so get the greatest degree of concern of users, has become the main task of the platform and anchor. Then, the network platform, Gexianshentong anchor. In order to gather popularity, win the attention, some people playing violent edge ball, some people live with an electric drill to eat corn, swallowing live goldfish show that the malignant development of curry favour by claptrap, let the network broadcast intensified, makes the authority to broadcast platform, anchor of a series of penalties, in order to rectify the broadcast industry. However, the industry to a good direction, only blocking is not enough, you should also use the characteristics of the Internet industry itself, with the good health of the industry to occupy the quality of live broadcast resources. The webcast has interactivity, which allows the audience to interact directly with the anchor during the live broadcast. Previously, the Harbin Municipal Public Security Traffic Management Bureau has on the law enforcement webcast, on-site interpretation in accordance with law, procedures and processes in the process of live, it is the audience directly to the video content to ask questions, and get immediate reply. That law enforcement live form closer distance, also played a role in popularizing, popular users praise. At the same time for the majority of Internet users to mention相关的主题文章:

Fuxin 102 year old longevity perennial vegetarian is still under the upperfarming (video) 66814

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Fuxin 102 year old longevity perennial vegetarian is located in the "south" upperfarming Fumeng Guohua Xiang Wei Zi Gou Cun, surrounded by mountains, a pleasant climate, known as the "foot of the Great Wall, shuiguozhixiang". This year 102 year old Bai Qingshan, the Mongolian people living here. "Find the old white house! The oil into the groove of the road has been going inside, a few tall tree below the first!" Follow the directions of the villagers, the reporter came to the White Castle Peak home. A few old cottage, drowned in a piece of floating Fangqianwuhou fruit among the green. Open the simple wood house, seen in front of the castle is dry mushroom white man. See the city to the guests, the elderly smiling face bright, warmly greeted reporters with Mongolian loudly: "come on, drink tea!" The old Red Army Yang Deqian welcomed the 100th birthday not forget the early heart character forever "is a new China that I lived a good life" and "my good health is good, no disease, even on weekdays are a headache and slight fever very little, his wife is the stem of vertebra is not good, take care of." Bai Qingshan, he was born in 1914, he lost his mother, he followed her grandparents live together, 13 years old is a temple to Baoligen Temple Ruiying Temple became a small Lama, 18 year old went back to the village to families as a farmhand. Looking forward to the liberation of Fuxin, the founding of new China, 35 years old, he married his younger than the age of more than and 10 years old wife. Today, the two old people had lived for nearly 70 years, had four children and two women and 6 children. "I think this is a lifetime, from a little motherless old society bitter child, a little older people to work as a farm labourer as a farmhand, is a new China that I had a good life, and this life is really a day than a good day, my head is more bright. Live more and more comfortable." White Castle smiling speaks to reporters, "never read the book, a child in the temple (a monk chanting pointed out) that a few years, is to learn a bit of culture. Over the past 80 years, a few days ago to allow his son to lead, the first time to return to a treasure temple. Oh dear! Change, change, big change ah! The temple Abbot Lama said to me, please me back to the temple on the festival for a few days. I promise, I must go!" The White Castle’s son Bai Fuquan told reporters that the old man he is honest and kind, optimistic, good, usually a good popularity in the village, high prestige. The life of the elderly proud of two things: one is time during the 1948 liaoshenzhanyi liberation of Jinzhou, he is the backbone of the stretcher team; the other is the new Chinese was founded, he served for 16 years in the production team. "When the stretcher team daling, big guy to take her clothes off, the front of the sick and wounded over his head sent. Jinzhou was called fierce ah! The sound of the cannon shattered all the windows." Speaking of the past, the voice of the White Castle Peak in the voice with excitement, when I was the captain of the production team, our team’s grain production is the highest level of the whole community. When I was young, I had a good physique and I never knew how tired I was." The meals are easy, fish meat not rare "white old, normally you most love to eat what?" Reporter asked. "Rural meals are smooth, potatoes, eggplant, onion sauce…… All love to eat! Fish meat ah"相关的主题文章:

Nanjing plans to build 9 tunnels located at 8 underground bus station lara fabian

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Nanjing plans to build 9 tunnels located at 8 underground bus station yesterday, Nanjing City Planning Bureau "Nanjing city underground space development and utilization planning (2015-2030)" to solicit public opinion, in the future Nanjing annual development of underground space of 4 million square meters, Xinjiekou tower, South Station – Honghua airport, north of the Changjiang River, Hexi four core zone to build a large underground city. Four regions will focus on the development of the high intensity of the planning of urban construction land in Nanjing underground space, to 2020, the total construction area of about 54 million square meters of underground space in Nanjing, an annual increase of 4 million square meters. To 2030, the Nanjing underground space about a total construction area of 86 million square meters, the annual increase of 3 million 400 thousand square meters. The plan for the development of underground space is divided into three levels. A center (four City): Xinjiekou – West – South Tower, safflower, Jiangbei Airport. Encourage the underground public facilities scale, diversification, integration, high strength development, establish smooth comfortable public underground pedestrian system, form a network of underground city. Two grade Center (seven): Hunan Road, Binjiang, including Shimonoseki Confucius temple, Dongshan deputy city center, deputy city center, Xianlin Xiongzhou center, Nanjing North station. The two grade Center encourages the development of underground space with high intensity, and forms the underground commercial street with functional combination. Three center (more points): including Maigaoqiao, North Bridge, Longjiang and other regional commercial center, as well as NanJing Railway Station, airport and other transportation hub area. Qixia Zijin Mountain Mountain ban core key ecological function zone, a drinking water source protection area and land area, groundwater (including hot springs) reserve, Yangtze River flood affected areas, in addition to the underground rail transportation, underground roads and other infrastructure by linear, are prohibited the development and utilization of underground space area. Including source region of the Yangtze River two level of drinking and land, Water Conservation District, Zijin Mountain, general mountain, Qixia mountain and other key ecological function of the buffer, the principle of prohibition of exploitation and utilization of large-scale underground space, limited development zone for underground space. The future, Nanjing planning proposals set 8 underground bus station. From the open important node traffic arteries and ease the development of area traffic contradiction focus perspective, maintaining the status quo of tunnel 29 tunnel, planning 9, vision reservation Tunnel 3, planning suggestions in the important area of Hexi, Jiangbei mouth center, Hexi center, proper planning and construction of underground roads and underground parking to ease the passage. Yangzi Evening News reporter Chou Huidong相关的主题文章:

The consequences of abnormal tumor products against paraneoplastic syndrome – Health – Sohu www.haole55.com

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The consequences of abnormal tumor products against paraneoplastic syndrome – – Sohu health Zhang Yikun, PLA No.306 Hospital, Department of Hematology, paraneoplastic syndrome (paraneoplastic syndrome) is caused by autoimmune reaction products of tumor or other causes of abnormal endocrine, nervous, digestive, blood, bone, kidney, skin lesions, and corresponding clinical manifestations. These manifestations are not directly caused by the location of the primary tumor or metastasis. Paraneoplastic syndrome (paraneoplastic, syndromes, PNS) occurs in some patients with malignant tumor in vivo and in no tumor metastasis, which has the effects of remote organ dysfunction caused by the disease. The pathogenesis of paraneoplastic syndrome of unknown rate, mainly due to PNS symptoms appeared in the tumor before, some patients with mild or no symptoms, electrophysiological examination found abnormal. The influence of their distant organs such as in the nervous system, also known as a paraneoplastic syndrome of nervous system (neurologic paraneoplastic syndrome). It is not a group of symptoms by direct tumor invasion of the tissue or organ and produce, but systemic cancer (remote, effects) remote effects such as lung cancer, ovarian cancer can appear for the performance of the central nervous system of poliomyelitis and neurodegeneration remote effects. As early as 1888, Oppenheim described 1 cases of malignant tumors complicated with peripheral neuropathy. The following year he also described 1 cases of lymphoma complicated with bulbar paralysis, that is the first case of the central nervous system of the remote effect. Auche (1890) reported the malignant tumors of the stomach, pancreas, uterus and peripheral neuropathy. Guichara (1956) proposed the term of paraneoplastic syndrome. Since both at home and abroad have been reported in the literature of various clinical types of many different paraneoplastic. Any part of paraneoplastic syndrome of nervous system can affect the nervous system so in clinic will have many kinds of clinical manifestations of paraneoplastic syndrome of nervous system. It can affect the central nervous system to produce diffuse gray matter encephalopathy, cerebellar degeneration, spinal cord disease and cancer of limbic encephalitis; involvement of the peripheral nervous system produces polyneuropathy, complex and involving single neuritis; neuromuscular junction and myasthenia gravis, Lambert-Eaton myasthenic syndrome, dermatomyositis and polymyositis neuromyotonia etc.. Paraneoplastic syndrome can a single nerve or muscle structure only involved in, such as cerebellar Purkinje cells, muscle cholinergic synapses, clinical manifestations of a single, the former showed cerebellar ataxia, the latter myasthenic syndrome. The clinical symptoms of paraneoplastic syndrome of nervous system which often does not occur alone, but with other paraneoplastic neurological syndrome caused by overlapping symptoms. Sometimes, the clinical manifestation is a single nervous system damage, but the pathological changes are more extensive.相关的主题文章:

Chinese new song Jiang Dunhao to win the Champions League Wang Feng champion mentor – Shandon t420s

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"Chinese new song" Jiang Dunhao to win the Champions League   Wang Feng champion mentor – Shandong channel — people.com.cn original title: "China new song" Jiang Dunhao to win the Champions League champion Wang Feng tutor   Jiang Dunhao experienced a summer of intense competition, last night, "China’s new song" sprint night in the stadium to sing to Wang Chenrui, Jiang Dunhao, Yang, Xu Geyang, Li Peiling and Yang Meina, six students, the attack to the championship final, Jiang Dunhao won the first "new sound" title, three years after Wang Feng became the champion instructor with run. Finals, four instructors and their students were the first chorus one song, then by six students completed their personal show, the audience voted by the two champion candidates, then their interpretation of a song, and ultimately by the spectators and 81 professional judges decided at the final championship. China appeared in the finals Joker to return to the nest after a quarter million Neda company, from China to Li Yong, the audience slowly familiar with and adapt to this change, but because of overwork suffering from conjunctivitis, but unfortunately unable to host Li Yong to the stadium hosted the finals. Although in the early stage of the host component is not recorded, not very heavy, but the new upgrade of the final schedule set, more complex live interactive links, but require the host to have great ability to improvise and high occupation accomplishment. With several instructors and program group all have a deep understanding of China, is undoubtedly the best candidate host station in the nest of the night. On the other hand, the new Fifth Corps, Joker and mentor of popular student Neda also return to the nest million. As a former favorites player, but Harlem Yu and Na Ying in the Marine Corps in the battle of upset out, for two consecutive days at the micro-blog hot search list of the top ten famous music bloggers ear emperor expressed his regret: "this season is Neda million with the most potential record and the most likely to make new music students, out of pity." It was eliminated in the round of multi million Neda popular vote to return to the nest and mentor is still talent shows itself, Joker common interpretation of "ugly eight strange" and "give me a kiss" wonderful "skewers, Xue’s love song" and "remote RAP" collision chemistry. Wang Feng and adaptation of the current hot topic Jiang Dunhao into second folk champion tonight finals three rounds, the first round is the teachers and students chorus, Wang Feng master three chorus adapted version of "full", "purchasing" new song lyrics with sound "such as the current hot topic, a new. The folk teenager Jiang Dunhao didn’t have my eyes closed, but Professor Wang Feng unable to restrain the emotions close your eyes, and always in the green jacket with jeans Xu Geyang for a new shape. Before the vote, Wang Feng tutors read the students’ voting numbers and canvassing for them. "Tonight they will represent the dream team and restore the colors of their dreams."". The second round of personal show, folk songs will continue to lyric line Jiang Dunhao, singing Wang Feng’s "River", he is always playing with the guitar, by the audience vote, Jiang Dunhao shortlisted candidates, the other four students eliminated, stop six. The final championship, Jiang) “中国新歌声”蒋敦豪问鼎冠军 汪峰成冠军导师–山东频道–人民网 原标题:“中国新歌声”蒋敦豪问鼎冠军 汪峰成冠军导师     蒋敦豪   经历了一个夏天紧张而激烈的比拼,昨晚,“中国新歌声”的冲刺夜在鸟巢体育馆唱响,向洋、汪晨蕊、蒋敦豪、徐歌阳、李佩玲和杨美娜六位学员,向总冠军发起冲击,最终,蒋敦豪问鼎首届“新歌声”冠军,汪峰结束三年陪跑终成冠军导师。   总决赛上,四位导师和各自的学员先分别合唱一曲,再由六位学员完成自己的个人主秀,此轮结果由现场观众投票决出两位冠军候选人,之后再各自演绎一首歌,最终由现场观众和81位专业评审决出最终总冠军。   华少现身总决赛   薛之谦携手万妮达重返鸟巢   经过一季的陪伴,从华少到李咏,观众们慢慢熟悉并适应了这种改变,然而因为工作过度劳累患上结膜炎,主持人李咏却遗憾无法来到鸟巢主持总决赛。虽然在前期录播阶段,主持人的分量还未见很重,但全新升级的决赛赛程设置,更复杂的直播互动环节,却要求主持人有极快的临场应变能力和极高的职业素养。与几位导师和节目组都有着深厚默契的华少,无疑是站在鸟巢之夜主持人的最佳人选。   另一方面,全新的第五战队,导师薛之谦以及人气学员万妮达也重返了鸟巢。作为曾经的夺冠热门选手,却在哈林战队与那英战队的对战中爆冷出局,连续两天高居微博热搜榜前十,知名音乐博主耳帝表达了自己的遗憾:“万妮达是这季里面最具有唱片潜质且最有可能做出新音乐的学员,淘汰实在可惜。”而已被淘汰的万妮达在多轮人气投票中仍脱颖而出,重返鸟巢与导师薛之谦共同演绎《丑八怪》和《给我一个吻》的精彩串烧,“薛氏情歌”与“孤高RAP”之间碰撞出奇妙的化学反应。   汪峰师徒改编当下热门话题   蒋敦豪成第二个民谣冠军   今晚总决赛分三轮进行,第一轮是导师和学员合唱,汪峰师徒三人合唱改编版《满》,歌词加入”代购“”新歌声“等当下热门话题,颇有新意。民谣少年蒋敦豪这次没闭眼睛,反倒是汪峰导师情不自禁闭上眼,而一贯军绿色短褂配牛仔裤的徐歌阳也换了新造型。接受投票前,汪峰导师亲自念出学员的投票编号,并为他们拉票,“今晚他们将代表梦之队还原梦的颜色”。   第二轮个人主秀环节,民谣唱将蒋敦豪继续抒情路线,演唱汪峰的《河流》,他一如既往背着吉他上场,经现场观众投票,蒋敦豪入围冠军候选人,其他四位学员淘汰,止步六强。最后冠军争夺环节,蒋敦豪演唱汪峰另一首代表作《窗台》,观众和评审投票最高,最终得59852票夺冠,这也是继去年张磊夺冠后,第二个民谣冠军。   周杰伦大秀苏格兰舞步   哈林让学员温柔着倔强   总决赛中,周杰伦再度替学员选择了自己的两首歌曲,以总分第一闯进决赛的学员向洋,先同周董合唱了经典之作《双截棍》。这版《双截棍》与之前的风风火火大有不同,做了大刀阔斧的改编,先是加入了向洋擅长的口琴SOLO作为开场,而后又在间奏里让向洋“口琴与B-box齐飞”。不仅如此,脑洞大开的周董,还在这段表演中加入一段苏格兰舞步,与徒弟共舞。   同样拼脑洞的导师哈林,和学员杨美娜一同确定合唱曲目为《命中注定》,师徒二人虽是首度登台,却默契十足。而在个人主秀环节,杨美娜选择了五月天的经典歌曲《倔强》进行改编,与原唱不同,杨美娜这一版本的改编少了些“倔强”和“硬朗”,而是多了些许温柔。   叶倩文力挺汪晨蕊   那英战队首次失利   那英战队两位唱“老歌”的妹子,李佩玲却在决赛夜换了口味,选择爆款主题曲《let it go》。在广东学习的汪晨蕊依然坚守了粤语歌曲《当年情》,对于这首张国荣的经典歌曲,汪晨蕊一如既往地演绎出了自己的风格。粤语歌的天王谭咏麟天后叶倩文出现在现场VCR,为她加油助威:“很开心她能唱粤语歌,好像比我的广东话还好很多,这次希望可以看到粤语歌再突破一次!” (责编:刘颖婕、胡洪林)相关的主题文章:

Lee Hom’s idea of stopping work in Facebook winbook

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Lee Hom shut down into the idea of Lee Hom and his wife on map information with production mode to the Facebook founder, Lee Hom after the Toronto Film Festival "firepower concert" after the movie premiere, announced full suspension, accompany the production mode into a period of 2 months, to take care of pregnant with her second wife Wang Lianglei. Today, he said in his face: "two months of paternity leave is actually my good friend Zuckerberg’s idea of being an example." In fact, Wang Lianglei was born first years ago, Lee Hom specially scheduled work in the birth date, and the decisive rest for 2 months, originally by friends – face book founder and executive Mark · Eliot · Zuckerberg (Mark Zuckerberg) influence. Lee Hom recently frequent drying out photos of Zuckerberg with his family after her daughter was born last year, had 2 months of maternity leave, in addition to enjoy family life, but also with his wife Pulli Sheila Chen (· Priscilla Chan) share the care of the newborn infant more toil, announced that its employees can have up to 4 months of paid maternity benefits, not only the production of female employee entitlements, male employees can feel at ease with production, it also seems to give Lee Hom a lot of feelings. Mrs. Zuckerberg won the last daughter Wang Lihong said: "just think, if such a busy man can do this, I have what reason to do? Indeed, a number of studies have demonstrated the benefits of future home building, and the interaction between children and their parents can also reduce the level of maternal postpartum depression." In addition to the upcoming birth of baby shoes, cherish wife mood also revealed. Lee Hom also disclosed that the "macro sound music" employees have 2 months of paid maternity leave or paternity leave, shouting: "we continue to firepower in November."!" Netizens praised: "Lee Hom is a good husband, good father, good son, and the boss", "care is really a good boss", "elder brother, there is a vacancy in your company"?

王力宏停工进入陪产模式 脸书创办人给的主意王力宏和妻子资料图日前,王力宏忙完多伦多影展的《火力全开演唱会》电影首映后,宣布全面停工,进入为期2个月的陪产模式,专心照顾怀第2胎的老婆王靓蕾。今他在脸书表示:“两个月的陪产假其实是我的好朋友扎克伯格以身作则的主意。”其实王靓蕾前年生第1胎时,王力宏就特地在预产期排开工作,而这次果断休息2个月,原来是受朋友──脸书创办人兼执行长马克·艾略特·扎克伯格(Mark Zuckerberg)影响。王力宏近日频繁晒出陪伴家人的照片扎克伯格去年在女儿出生后,休了2个月育婴假,除了专心享受家庭生活外,也与妻子普莉希拉·陈(Priscilla Chan)一同分担照护新生儿的辛劳,更宣布旗下员工可以有多达4个月的带薪产假福利,不仅女员工生产享福利,男员工也可以安心陪产,此举似乎也让王力宏获得许多感触。扎克伯格夫妇去年喜获爱女王力宏说:“想想看,如果一个这么忙的人可以这样做,我又有什么原因做不到?确实很多的研究证明对未来家庭的建立有好处,孩子和父母之间的互动,还能减轻母亲产后忧郁的程度等优点。”除了为了即将出世的宝贝着想,疼惜爱妻的心情也表露无遗。王力宏并透露,旗下“宏声音乐”员工们一样有2个月的带薪待产假或陪产假,喊话:“我们十一月再继续火力全开!”网友大赞:“王力宏是好丈夫,好爸爸,好儿子,和好老板”、“将心比心真的是好老板”、“二哥,你公司有空缺吗”?相关的主题文章:

Dongguan traffic police reminded from 27 to 30, do not drive these places 66814

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Dongguan traffic police reminded: from 27 to 30, these places must not drive to Dongguan, traffic police today released the latest news, remind drivers big brother, from October 27 to 30, 2016, nothing, do not drive to Houjie Town, Guangdong modern international exhibition center. Why can’t you go? Police Milo said, Guangdong International Expo twenty-first Century Maritime Silk Road where it’s going to be held in 2016. In order to ensure the safety and smoothness of the Exhibition Road, the traffic police department will implement temporary traffic control on the road around the exhibition during the exhibition. The exhibition is an important starting point for the provincial government to implement the central Belt and Road Initiative "strategy, an important measure is opening up new pattern construction in our province, to help enterprises to better explore the market, is very important for steady growth and transformation and upgrading has significance. The Expo has applied for 39 countries and regions along the establishment of a national pavilion pavilion, an increase over the previous 1. Among them, Mauritius, South Africa, Italy and other roadshow object countries set up a national pavilion for the first time. In terms of the number of booths, Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Kenya, the United Arab Emirates, India and other relatively mature countries attended more than last year. In addition to the establishment of independent national regional pavilions in 39 countries, the number of countries and regions in 2016 reached 73, 2 more than last year, of which the number of foreign countries and regions was 52, and the number of participants was 21. So important exhibitions, of course, can not go where the plug, if you want to go to the reference, you can take the subway in the past. Police Milo said that the traffic control time: October 27, 2016 to 30 day 7:00-19:00 specific control measures are: (a) furniture Road, Exhibition Road ban all vehicles carrying hazardous chemicals and nuclear load 2 tons of truck traffic. (two) S256 highway section (Houjie Kau road to the White River Junction) to prohibit all vehicles carrying dangerous chemicals. In addition, during the exhibition, the furniture Avenue double bridge is still in construction, the traffic control measures for the bridge is still in effect, please the driver in accordance with the relevant signs and ride the traffic police command, violators will be punished according to the relevant traffic regulations. Report: Nandu News correspondent Liu Huilong Dai Xiaoxing

东莞交警提醒:27日至30日这些地方千万别开车去东莞交警今天发布最新消息,提醒司机大佬们,2016年10月27日至30日,没事,千万别开车去厚街镇广东现代国际展览中心。为啥不能去?交警蜀黍说,2016年广东21世纪海上丝绸之路国际博览会要在哪里举行。为确保展会道路安全、畅通,展会期间交警部门将对展馆周边道路实施临时交通管制。该展会是省委省政府贯彻中央“一带一路”的战略的重要抓手,是我省构建对外开放新格局的重要举措,旨在帮助企业更好地开拓市场,对于稳增长和转型升级都具有十分重要的意义。本届博览会共有39个沿线国家和地区申请设立国家展团馆,比上届增加1个。其中,毛里求斯、南非、意大利等路演对象国家首次设立了国家馆。就展位数量而言,澳大利亚、新西兰、印尼、越南、肯尼亚、阿联酋、印度等相对成熟的国家参会规模超过去年。除了39个国家设立独立的国家地区馆外,2016年参会的国家和地区数达到73个,比去年增加2个,其中参展的境外国家和地区数为52个,参会采购的国家为21个。那么重要的展会,当然不能去哪里添堵,如果想去参考,可以坐地铁过去。交警蜀黍说了,此次交通管制的时间为:2016年10月27日至30日 每天7:00-19:00具体的管制措施有:(一)家具大道、会展东路禁止所有运载危险化学品车辆及核载2吨以上的货车通行。(二)S256省道厚街段(道滘路口至白濠路口)禁止所有运载危险化学品车辆通行。另外,展会期间,家具大道双岗桥仍处于施工当中,针对该桥的交通管制措施仍然生效,请广大司机按照相关指示标志行驶并听从交警指挥,违者将按相关交通法规处罚。采写:南都记者 刘辉龙 通讯员 戴小星相关的主题文章:

Beijing national day will intensify efforts to punish traffic violations such as drunk driving – Sha alienware m17x

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Beijing national day will intensify regulation of drunk driving and other traffic violations — Shaanxi channel — people.com.cn original title: Beijing national day will intensify regulation of drunk driving and other traffic violations China network reporter from the Beijing municipal traffic management department, in order to maintain the good traffic order, guarantee the city day travel environment safety, Beijing City traffic police system 29 in the evening of the city carried out before the traffic order rectification action. The city set up more than 220 checkpoints, thorough investigation of drunk driving, involving cards, certificates, red light running, illegal traffic violations and other traffic violations. In action, the police strictly enforce the law and publicity and education combined, the investigation of vehicles and suspected illegal drivers of the whole process of law enforcement records, the driver of illegal acts are highly punished according to law. Since September this year, Beijing traffic control department investigated nearly thousands of drunk driving violations, involving more than 8700 kinds of illegal activities involving cards. The traffic control department said that the rectification violations increased during the festival to drunken driving, overspeed, overload and other large truck traffic, strengthen passenger cars, trucks and other vehicles, hazardous key vehicles management, in order to safeguard the safety of public travel, ensure good traffic order. (reporter Wei Jing) (commissioning editor Ren Zhihui and Wang Li)

北京国庆将加大力度整治酒驾等交通违法行为–陕西频道–人民网 原标题:北京国庆将加大力度整治酒驾等交通违法行为   中国网记者从北京市交管部门获悉,为维护良好的交通秩序,保障市民国庆节出行环境安全,北京市交警系统29日晚在全市范围集中开展节前交通秩序整治行动。   全市共设立220多处检查点,严查酒后驾车、涉牌涉证、闯红灯、闯禁行等交通违法行为。行动中,民警严格执法与宣传教育结合,对查处车辆和涉嫌违法驾驶人进行全过程的执法记录,对驾驶人违法行为一律依法高限处罚。   今年9月份以来,北京市交管部门查处酒后驾车违法行为近千起、各类涉牌违法行为8700余起。   交管部门表示,节日期间继续加大对酒驾、超速、大货车超载超限等交通违法行为的整治力度,强化大客车、危化车、大货车等重点车种的管理,以维护市民出行安全,保障道路交通秩序良好。(记者 魏婧) (责编:任志慧、王丽)相关的主题文章:

Shaoyang seized illegal school bus driver the driver argued that something I take doat

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Shaoyang seized illegal school bus driver: the driver argued that something I top police seized illegal bus. (original title: Longhui seized illegal school bus driver: the driver argued that something I top) net Longhui news September 14th September 13th, Hunan Longhui Traffic Police Brigade police on duty in the S219 section of Shimen set up, seized a presence of illegal school bus. The school bus signs expired, the driver does not qualify as a school bus driver driving a school bus. Day 15, Longhui Traffic Police Brigade squadron of police in the S219 section of Shimen set up duty, conduct a special inspection of the road to pick up your children’s school bus. 16 PM, a license for Xiang E37× × × bus approaching from north to south, the police immediately stopped the car stop, check. The police found the car, the school bus sign has expired, and the driver does not qualify as a school bus driver was driving the bus. "The driver is busy today, I helped him open a temporary." The driver xiaomou said with regret. Subsequently, the police detained the xiaomou driving license and driving license, and on the spot to xiaomou and lorry teacher was severely criticized. According to the relevant provisions of the law, the police shall be fined $24000, driver’s license penalty of 24 points on the. (net correspondent Luo Min)

邵阳查获违规校车 驾驶人辩称:司机有事我顶一下民警查获的违法校车。(原标题:隆回查获违规校车 驾驶人辩称:司机有事我顶一下)红网隆回9月14日讯 9月13日,湖南隆回交警大队民警在S219石门路段设点执勤时,查获一辆存在违法行为的校车。该校车标牌过期,驾驶员未取得校车驾驶资格驾驶校车。当天15时,隆回交警大队交管中队民警在S219石门路段设点执勤,对该路段接送幼儿的校车进行专项检查。16时许,一辆牌照为湘E37×××的校车由北向南驶来,民警随即将该车拦停,进行检查。民警发现,该车校车标牌已过期,且驾驶员未取得校车驾驶资格便驾驶校车。“司机今天有事,我临时帮他开一下。”驾驶员肖某懊悔地说。随后,民警依法扣留了肖某的驾驶证和机动车行驶证,并当场对肖某及随车老师进行了严厉的批评教育。根据相关法律规定,民警依法对其作出罚款24000元、驾驶证记24分的处罚。(红网 通讯员 罗敏)相关的主题文章:

Harbin Metro Line 1 start the first track overhaul, does not affect the operation diying

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Harbin Metro Line 1 to start the first track overhaul operation does not affect the reporter from the City Administration Bureau, to ensure the safety of public travel, 3 years of operation of the Metro Line 1 for the first time for rail overhaul project has been officially launched in October, a total of 90 rail transport, replacing the 7 curves, the entire rail replacement work is expected by the end of December before the completion of all. Track change does not affect the normal operation of the subway. Since Harbin Metro Line 1 opened and operated in September 26, 2013, the Harbin metro operation company has always taken the inspection and replacement of worn rails, especially the inspection, maintenance and maintenance of small radius curve rails as the focus of daily work. The day before, the staff detected a radius of less than or equal to 350m (R = 350m) curve rail wear quickly, all the small radius curve is close to the rail to replace the standard, and there is a growing trend. In order to ensure the safe operation of Metro Line 1, Harbin metro operation company organized special meeting according to the measurement results, studied the specific track changing scheme and technical measures standards, and decided to implement the seamless replacement of rail overhaul project in the tunnel. It is understood that the first rail change project includes four stages: new rail transport, new rail welding, replacement of long rail and wear rail recycling. Subway line maintenance department and Xinyun Engineering Co. Ltd., composed of 1 line rail replacement operations team, in order to ensure the normal operation of the line during the day, all professional and technical personnel to use the night time, from the rail length, abrasion, joint position, insulation position, each rail on the rail section measurements were carried out to investigate, and combined with the calculation of rail length, reserved rail slot, rectangular difference according to the measured data, the formation of rail construction plans for the final. The new rail rail in accordance with the requirements of the drawings, the Taiping Bridge in Metro Line 1 base to adjust the rail direction, grinding, drilling, derusting, rail sawing and other preparatory work, and then shipped to the site officially implemented for rail operation. The rail change operation is also arranged at night. As the extension of small radius curve rail service life, reduce operating costs, the professional and technical personnel also plans to implement the safety technical innovation in track wear prominent sections, mounting rail lubricator, the use of technical means to ensure the safe and efficient operation of the line.

哈尔滨地铁1号线启动首次换轨大修 不影响运营   记者从市安监局获悉,为保证市民出行安全,运营3年的地铁1号线首次换轨大修工程已于10月正式启动,共需运送钢轨90根,更换曲线7条,整个换轨工作预计12月底前全部完成。换轨不影响地铁正常运营。   哈尔滨地铁1号线自2013年9月26日开通运营以来,哈尔滨地铁运营分公司始终把磨耗钢轨的检测更换,尤其是小半径曲线钢轨的检查、维护、保养作为日常工作的重点。日前,工作人员检测发现,半径小于或等于350m(R≤350m)的曲线钢轨磨耗较快,全线小半径曲线钢轨已接近更换标准,且有持续加剧的趋势。为保证地铁1号线安全运营,哈地铁运营分公司根据测量结果,组织专题例会,对具体换轨方案和技术措施标准进行研究,决定在隧道内实施成段无缝更换钢轨大修工程。   据了解,首次换轨工程包括新钢轨转运、新钢轨焊接、更换长轨条和磨耗轨回收等四个阶段。地铁轨道线路维修部门已与中铁一局集团新运工程有限公司联合组成了1号线换轨作业队,为保证线路白天正常运营,全体专业技术人员利用夜班时间,从钢轨的长度、磨耗值、接头位置、绝缘位置等方面,对换轨地段的每根钢轨进行测量调查,并根据测量数据结合计算配轨长度、预留轨缝、直角错差,形成了最终的换轨施工图。新钢轨按照配轨图纸要求,将在地铁1号线太平桥车辆基地调整好钢轨方向,进行打磨、除锈、锯轨、钻孔等前期准备工作,然后运往现场实施正式换轨作业。换轨作业也安排在夜间进行。   为延长小半径曲线钢轨的使用寿命,降低运营成本,地铁专业技术人员还计划在轨道线路磨耗问题突出的路段实施安全技术改造,安装轨道涂油器,利用技术手段保证线路安全高效运行。相关的主题文章:

Henan to elect a new list of the members of the leadership of secretary of municipal Party committee iptd-651

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Chen Xuehua, a member of the leading Committee of the party secretary of Henan daily, was selected by many cities in Henan. On the morning of September 29th, the first plenary session of the eleventh Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC) was held in Jiaozuo on the morning of. The meeting elected members, secretaries and deputy secretaries of the Standing Committee of the eleventh Committee of the Communist Party of China in Jiaozuo, and passed the report of the first plenary session of the Eleventh Plenary Session of the Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Communist Party of China in Jiaozuo. Wang Xiaoping, Xu Yixian, Jiang Jiding, Wang Hongchang, Yang Yahui, Guo Peng, Liu Tao, Liu Xinwang, Jia Shujun, Hu Xiaoping and Yang Qingjiu were elected members of the Standing Committee of the eleventh Committee of Jiaozuo Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of china. Wang Xiaoping was elected secretary of the municipal Party committee, and Xu Yixian and Jiang Jiding were elected vice secretaries of the municipal Party committee. Wang Xiaoping resume Wang Xiaoping, male, Han nationality, born in November 1962, Hebei Zhengding person, joined the work in July 1984, joined the Communist Party of China in July 1984, graduate degree, bachelor’s degree. 1980.09 Xinxiang normal college mathematics department in Shilin suburb of Hebi city in Henan province 1984.07 Township Party Committee on professional learning, Yu Xiang Lu Lou Xiang, deputy secretary of the Party committee, deputy secretary of the Minister of the Organization Department of Hebi Party Secretary Yu Xiang Henan province 1989.07 city suburban district standing committee, Minister of Propaganda Department, district office director of Henan province 1992.11 Xunxian County County Committee, Xunxian County 1995.05 Henan Province, deputy secretary of the Committee of Hebi city in Henan province 1997.12 City District, the district government head (during: 1996.09-1999.02 Henan provincial Party School of economics and management postgraduate class) 2001.06 Henan province Baofeng county Party committee secretary of Baofeng County in Henan province 2002.02 County People’s Congress Standing Committee (during: 2002.09-2002.12 study period nineteenth provincial Party Secretary of county Party committee, county magistrate vice mayor of Pingdingshan government) training class of 2005.12 cities in Henan Province, Baofeng county Party Secretary Vice mayor of Pingdingshan city government of Henan province in 2006.01, director of Standing Committee of Henan province 2006.12 new City Management Committee of Zhengzhou municipal Party committee, deputy director of the Gongyi municipal Party committee secretary of Henan Province, South 2008.10 north project construction leading group office director, Party members of the Provincial Water Resources Department of Henan Province, 2012.04 South North Water Transfer Project Construction Leading Group Office, deputy secretary of the Party (Provincial Water Resources Department the National School of Administration: 2012.03-2012.04 bureau level civil servants training class learning, 2013.07) director of the water resources department of Henan province party secretary, deputy secretary of the provincial director of the South North Water Diversion Project Construction Leading Group Office of the 2015.03 Xinxiang municipal Party committee, deputy secretary of the mayor to 2015.04 deputy mayor of Xinxiang City, municipal government, municipal government Secretary of the CPC Jiaozuo Municipal Committee, mayor of the 2016.05 Henan daily Jinshuihe client reporter Zhao Chunxi the morning of September 29th, the Communist Party of Chinese week Held the first plenary session of the Fourth Municipal Committee of the CPC, and Xu Guang was elected secretary of Zhoukou Municipal Committee. Liu Jibiao and Li Decai were elected vice secretaries of Zhoukou municipal committee. Comrade Xu Guang’s resume is Xu Guang, male, born in June 1960, Han nationality

河南多地选出新一届市委书记 领导班子成员名单河南日报金水河客户端记者 陈学桦9月29日上午,中国共产党焦作市第十一届委员会举行第一次全体会议。会议选举产生了中国共产党焦作市第十一届委员会常务委员会委员和书记、副书记,通过了中国共产党焦作市第十一届纪律检查委员会第一次全体会议选举结果的报告。王小平、徐衣显、姜继鼎、王宏昌、杨娅辉、郭鹏、刘涛、刘新旺、贾书君、胡小平、杨青玖当选为中国共产党焦作市第十一届委员会常务委员会委员。王小平当选为市委书记,徐衣显、姜继鼎当选为市委副书记。王小平简历王小平,男,汉族,1962年11月生,河北正定人,1984年7月参加工作,1984年7月加入中国共产党,研究生学历,学士学位。1980.09 新乡师范学院数学系数学专业学习1984.07 河南省鹤壁市郊区石林乡党委委员,上峪乡、鹿楼乡党委副书记,上峪乡党委书记1989.07 河南省鹤壁市郊区区委常委、宣传部部长、区委办主任1992.11 河南省浚县县委常委、组织部部长1995.05 河南省浚县县委副书记1997.12 河南省鹤壁市山城区委副书记,区政府区长(其间:1996.09-1999.02在河南省委党校经济管理专业在职研究生班学习)2001.06 河南省宝丰县委书记2002.02 河南省宝丰县委书记兼县人大常委会主任(其间:2002.09-2002.12在省委党校第19期县委书记、县长进修班学习)2005.12 河南省平顶山市政府副市长,宝丰县委书记2006.01 河南省平顶山市政府副市长,新城区管委会主任2006.12 河南省郑州市委常委,巩义市委书记2008.10 河南省南水北调中线工程建设领导小组办公室副主任,省水利厅党组成员2012.04 河南省南水北调中线工程建设领导小组办公室主任,省水利厅党组副书记(其间:2012.03-2012.04国家行政学院厅局级公务员进修班学习)2013.07 河南省水利厅厅长、党组书记,省南水北调中线工程建设领导小组办公室主任2015.03 新乡市委副书记,市政府副市长、代市长2015.04 新乡市委副书记,市政府市长2016.05 中共焦作市委书记河南日报金水河客户端记者 赵春喜9月29日上午,中国共产党周口市第四届委员会举行第一次全体会议,徐光当选周口市委书记,刘继标、李德才当选周口市委副书记。徐光同志简历徐光,男,1960年6月生,汉族,湖北当阳人,在职研究生学历,天津大学经济系研究生毕业,1977年8月参加工作,1984年6月加入中国共产党。1977.07—1979.09,河南省鹤壁市石林公社下乡;1979.09—1981.07,鹤壁师范学校学习;1981.07—1985.04,河南省鹤壁市教育局党委秘书、团委书记;1985.04—1988.05,河南省鹤壁市委组织部组织副科级组织员、青干科科长;1988.05—1992.11,共青团河南省鹤壁市委书记、党组书记、市青联主席;1992.11—1994.03,中共河南省淇县县委副书记、县长(1992.02—1993.12 天津大学管理系管理工程专业工商管理方向在职研究生学习);1994.03—1996.03,中共河南省淇县县委书记;1996.03—1997.11,中共河南省鹤壁市委常委、淇县县委书记;1997.11—2001.03,中共河南省鹤壁市委常委、秘书长,市人民政府常务副市长;2001.03—2003.12,中共河南省安阳市委常委、市政府常务副市长;2003.12—2006.12,中共河南省周口市委副书记;2006.12—2011.12,中共河南省周口市委副书记、市政府市长;2011.12—2015.4, 中共周口市委书记;2015.4— 中共周口市委书记、市人大常委会主任。第十一届全国人大代表,党的十八大代表,九届省委委员。河南日报金水河客户端记者 李虎成 王永乐在9月29日下午召开的中国共产党新乡市第十一届委员会第一次全体会议上,舒庆当选新乡市委书记,王登喜、阮金泉当选市委副书记。在中共新乡市第十一届纪律检查委员会第一次全体会议上,杨慧中当选新乡市纪委书记。舒庆,男,满族,1964年10月出生,山东青州人,研究生学历,区域地理学博士,1984年11月加入中国共产党,1985年7月参加工作。个人简历1981.09—1985.07, 山东师范大学地理系地理专业学生;1985.07—1988.09, 山东师范大学地理系政治辅导员(1988.04确定为助教);1988.09—1991.07, 华东师范大学地理科学系人文地理专业硕士研究生;1991.07—1994.07, 华东师范大学西欧北美地理研究所区域地理学专业博士研究生;1994.07—1995.07, 国家环境保护局政策法规司干部;1995.07—1996.09, 国家环境保护局政策法规司政策研究处主任科员;1996.09—1998.07, 国家环境保护局政策法规司政策研究处副处长;1998.07—2000.02, 国家环境保护总局政策法规司政策研究处副处长;2000.02—2001.09, 国家环境保护总局政策法规司政策研究处处长;2001.09—2005.09, 国家环境保护总局政策法规司副司长;2005.09—2006.06, 国家环境保护总局政策法规司副司长(正司级);2006.06—2007.01, 国家环境保护总局办公厅(宣传教育司)巡视员兼副主任(副司长);2007.01—2008.09, 国家环境保护总局规划与财务司司长;2008.09—2010.10, 环境保护部规划财务司司长;2010.10—2011.02, 河南省郑州市委常委(正市厅级),荥阳市委书记;2011.02—2011.08, 河南省郑州市委常委(正市厅级),荥阳市委书记,郑州市宜居健康园管理委员会主任、党委书记;2011.08—2012.01, 河南省郑州市委常委(正市厅级),巩义市委书记,郑州市宜居健康园管理委员会主任、党委书记;2012.01—2014.02, 河南省郑州市委常委(正市厅级),巩义市委书记;2014.02—2014.03, 中共新乡市委副书记,市人民政府副市长、代市长;2014.03—2015.03,中共新乡市委副书记,市人民政府市长;2015.03—中共新乡市委书记。河南日报金水河客户端记者 王平9月29日,在中共商丘市第五届委员会第一次全体会议上,王战营当选商丘市委书记,张建慧、苏长青当选商丘市委副书记;在中共商丘市第五届纪律检查委员会第一次全体会议上,姚龙其当选商丘市纪委书记。王战营简历王战营,男,1965年2月出生,汉族,研究生学历,工学硕士,1984年12月加入中国共产党,1988年6月参加工作。1993.01 河南省科委综合计划处副处长、处长、办公室主任(其间,参加全省首批领导干部出国培训学习、省委党校第一期青年干部培训班学习)2001.12 河南省科学技术厅副厅长、党组成员2002.10 共青团河南省委副书记、党组成员2008.04 共青团河南省委党组成员2008.07 河南省新乡市委常委,市政府副市长2008.08 河南省新乡市委常委,市政府副市长、党组副书记2011.05 河南省新乡市委副书记,市政府副市长、党组副书记2011.06 河南省新乡市委副书记,市政府副市长、代市长、党组书记2011.07 河南省新乡市委副书记,市政府市长2014.02 河南省政府副秘书长、办公厅主任2016.01 河南省民政厅党组书记、厅长2016.08 河南省商丘市委书记(人民网资料)河南日报金水河客户端记者 胡巨成 通讯员 刘宏冰在9月29日下午召开的中国共产党信阳市第五届委员会第一次全体会议上,乔新江当选信阳市委书记,尚朝阳、刘国栋当选信阳市委副书记。在中共信阳市第五届纪律检查委员会第一次全体会议上,刘金志当选信阳市纪委书记。乔新江同志简历乔新江,男,汉族,1961年10月出生,河南长葛人,1984年7月参加工作,1990年11月入党,清华大学公共管理学院公共管理专业毕业,大学学历,文学学士,公共管理硕士。1980.09–1984.07 郑州大学汉语言文学专业学习,大学学历,文学学士1984.07–1989.01 河南省林业厅办公室科员1989.01—1992.05 河南省林业厅办公室副主任科员1992.05—1993.04 河南省林业厅办公室主任科员1993.04–1996.05 河南省林业厅办公室副主任1996.05–2000.07 河南省林业厅办公室主任(期间:1999.03-1999.07河南省委党校第24期中青班学习)2000.07–2001.12 河南省林业厅植树造林处处长2001.12–2006.12 河南省林业厅副厅长、党组成员(期间:2001.02-2002.02河南省驻村工作队确山县新安店镇周庄村工作队队长;2003.04-2004.04河南省驻村工作队信阳工作队总队长)2006.12–2011.09 河南省信阳市委常委、组织部长(期间:2005.02-2007.01清华大学公共管理学院公共管理专业学习,公共管理硕士)2011.09–2012.05 河南省信阳市委副书记、组织部长2012.05–2012.07 河南省信阳市委副书记、代市长、市政府党组书记2012.07–2016.05 河南省信阳市委副书记、市长、市政府党组书记2016.05 河南省信阳市委书记,大别山干部学院院长十二届全国人大代表记者郭启朝本报南阳讯 9月29日下午,中国共产党南阳市第六届委员会举行第一次全体会议。出席这次会议的有六届市委委员、候补委员。市纪委委员列席了会议部分议程。受市六次党代会主席团的委托,穆为民同志主持会议。选举分两步进行。首先,采用直接差额选举的办法选举中国共产党南阳市第六届委员会常务委员会委员;然后从当选的常务委员会委员中等额选举书记、副书记。选举采用无记名投票的办法进行。新当选的六届市委常委是(以姓氏笔画为序):王保华、王智慧、史安平、杨韫(女)、吴刚、张生起、张富治、原永胜、景劲松、霍好胜、穆为民。穆为民当选为中共南阳市第六届委员会书记,霍好胜、王智慧当选为副书记。又讯9月29日下午,中共南阳市第六届纪律检查委员会举行第一次全体会议,王保华、王靖涵(女)、旦天志、刘英凯、苌其林、赵顺民、徐天如、徐国举、郭晗为纪委常委(以姓氏笔画为序)。王保华当选市纪委书记,徐天如、苌其林、郭晗为纪委副书记。在9月30日召开的中国共产党安阳市第十一届委员会第一次全体会议上,李公乐当选为安阳市委书记,王新伟、谢海洋当选为市委副书记。在当天举行的中国共产党安阳市第十一届纪律检查委员会第一次全体会议上,徐家平当选为安阳市纪委书记。李公乐同志简介李公乐,男,汉族,1962年3月生,河南濮阳人。1983年12月加入中国共产党。1982年8月参加工作。河南农学院畜牧兽医系毕业,本科学历,农学学士。1978.09 河南农学院学生1982.08 河南省濮阳县白罡乡干事1983.12 河南省濮阳县白罡乡经联社副主任1985.02 河南省濮阳县白罡乡党委副书记、乡长1987.07 河南省濮阳县白罡乡党委书记1992.06 共青团河南省濮阳市委副书记1994.06 共青团河南省濮阳市委书记1996.12 中共河南省台前县委副书记、代县长、县长(期间:1999.04-1999.07河南省委党校第14期县委书记、县长班学习)2001.03 中共河南省台前县委书记(期间:2002.02-2002.07河南省委党校第30 期中青班学习)2004.03 河南省新乡市人民政府副市长、党组成员2006.12 中共河南省新乡市委常委、政法委书记2008.09 中共河南省郑州市委常委2008.10 中共河南省郑州市委常委、巩义市委书记2011.08 河南省郑州新区管委会主任、党工委副书记2011.10 河南省郑州市政府副市长,郑州新区管委会主任、党工委副书记2013.06 中共河南省郑州市委常委,郑东新区党工委书记、管委会主任2014.04 中共河南省商丘市委副书记,市政府副市长、代市长2015.03 中共河南省商丘市委副书记,市政府市长2016.05 中共河南省安阳市委书记(人民网资料 截至2016年5月)相关的主题文章:

Anhui provincial CPPCC Chairman Wang Mingfang attended his Changchun Institute of Posts and Telecomm www.bv2008.cn

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Anhui provincial CPPCC Chairman Wang Mingfang attended the University of Posts and telecommunications Changchun died Wang Mingfang, male, Han nationality, born in November 1952, Heilongjiang Longjiang people, in November 1974 August 1974 to join the Communist Party, China, university degree, economist. He is the eleven chairman of the Anhui provincial CPPCC and Secretary of the party committee. From June 1972 to November 1974 at the Heilongjiang post school learning city telephone communication professional after graduation, served as Deputy Secretary of the Heilongjiang post, Secretary of the Communist Youth League school; in November 1976 the Telecommunications Administration Bureau of Heilongjiang Province industrial department deputy director; Deputy Director in May 1980 in Heilongjiang province Harbin City Telephone Bureau; in June 1983 he served as director of Party members, posts and Telecommunications Administration Bureau of Heilongjiang province (deputy political department (Department) from July 1982 to June 1984 in Heilongjiang provincial Party school party management professional learning); in April 1985 the Minister of Propaganda Department of the Political Department of the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications (from September 1980 to July 1986 in Changchun Institute of Posts and telecommunications engineering correspondence learning); December 1988, education department deputy director of the Ministry of Posts and telecommunications; January 1994, pptna president, party secretary and general editor of 1995; In September, served as assistant to the governor of Anhui province; in December 1997 the Standing Committee of Anhui provincial Party committee, assistant governor; February 1998 provincial Party committee, provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department minister; in October 1999 the provincial Party committee and provincial secretary; in November 2002 he served as Deputy Secretary of the provincial Party Committee, provincial Party committee secretary (from October 1999 to May 2003 served as first Secretary of departments directly under the Provincial Working Committee); May 2003 Deputy Secretary of the provincial Party committee; January 2011 he served as Deputy Secretary of the provincial Party committee, the provincial CPPCC Chairman; February 2011 vice secretary of provincial Party committee, the provincial CPPCC Chairman, party secretary; July 2011 has served as the provincial CPPCC Chairman, Party Secretary (from December 2002 to September 2011 served as president of the provincial Party school). Alternate members of the sixteen and seventeen Central Committee of the Communist Party of china. The sixteen representatives of the CPC, the 17th National Congress of the CPC and the eighteen representatives of the 17th CPC National congress. Member of the nine provincial committee of the cpc.

安徽省政协主席王明方病逝 曾就读于长春邮电学院   王明方,男,汉族,1952年11月生,黑龙江龙江人,1974年11月参加工作,1974年8月加入中国共产党,大学学历,经济师。现任十一届安徽省政协主席、党组书记。   1972年6月至1974年11月在黑龙江邮电学校市内电话通信专业学习,毕业后历任黑龙江邮电学校团委副书记、书记;   1976年11月任黑龙江省邮电管理局工业处副处长;   1980年5月任黑龙江省哈尔滨市市内电话局副局长;   1983年6月任黑龙江省邮电管理局党组成员、政治部主任(副厅级)(1982年7月至1984年6月在黑龙江省委党校党政管理专业学习);   1985年4月任邮电部政治部宣传部部长(1980年9月至1986年7月在长春邮电学院函授电信工程专业学习);   1988年12月任邮电部教育司副司长;   1994年1月任人民邮电报社社长、党委书记、总编辑;   1995年9月任安徽省省长助理;   1997年12月任安徽省委常委,省长助理;   1998年2月任省委常委、省委宣传部部长;   1999年10月任省委常委、省委秘书长;   2002年11月任省委副书记、省委秘书长(1999年10月至2003年5月兼任省直属机关工委第一书记);   2003年5月任省委副书记;   2011年1月任省委副书记,省政协主席;   2011年2月任省委副书记,省政协主席、党组书记;   2011年7月至今任省政协主席、党组书记(2002年12月至2011年9月兼任省委党校校长)。   中共十六届、十七届中央候补委员。中共十六大、十七大、十八大代表。中共九届省委委员。相关的主题文章:

Single foreign aid take two winning streak, Sichuan men’s basketball team won not only rely on forei t6670

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Single foreign aid Hao take two winning streak, Sichuan men’s basketball team won not only rely on foreign aid, Hadadi with heavy buckle to show the power of single foreign aid. Photo by Lei Yuandong on the evening of 9, Sichuan men’s basketball team in the PISEN stadium home court with a 92:86 victory over Jiangsu kendiya men’s basketball team, this season was the first two game winning streak. Joseph is a service, a single foreign aid Hadadi outstanding performance, scored 34 points and 23 rebounds. In addition, the last round to play an outstanding veteran Liu Wei is still dazzling performance, won 22 points, 6 rebounds. This is Harris after the injury, the game third games to play Joseph single foreign aid, Yang Xuezeng said quite happily in the game, with the team continued good effect: "in the case of a single foreign aid, played basketball team, team play role, from ready to do well. Hadadi played a leading role in rebounding and attacking. Liu Wei took the team with very good, the most important is in a difficult period for everyone to fight hard." Liu Wei said, "two victories have passed, the team needs to look forward:" the next three consecutive away, it is difficult, we have to refuel together." Not surprisingly, the new aid even · Smith will rendezvous with the team this week, if you can run smoothly to replace foreign aid procedures, this Sunday will be played in the game against the Guangzhou team. Huaxi Dushi Bao reporter Yan Wenwen

单外援豪取两连胜 四川男篮赢球不光靠外援哈达迪用暴扣彰显单外援威力。雷远东摄9日晚,四川品胜男篮在省体育馆主场以92:86战胜江苏肯帝亚男篮,本赛季首获两连胜。是役,川军单外援哈达迪表现出色,个人拿下34分23个篮板。此外,上一轮发挥出色的老将刘炜依旧表现亮眼,获得了22分6个篮板。这是哈里斯受伤之后,川军第三场以单外援出战的比赛,杨学增在赛后颇为高兴地表示,满意球队延续了良好的作用:“在单外援的情况下,打出了团队篮球,发挥团队作用,从准备上做得很好。哈达迪在篮板和进攻方面都起到了主导作用。刘炜把全队带得特别好,最重要是在困难时期的准备,大家玩命去拼。”刘炜则表示,两场胜利已经过去了,球队需要向前看:“接下来连续三个客场,很难,大家要一起加油。”不出意外,川军新援约什·史密斯将会在本周之内与球队会合,若能顺利办好更换外援手续,本周日便将在对阵广州队的客场比赛中出场。华西都市报记者闫雯雯相关的主题文章: